Canon EOS-1Ds User Manual Guide

Canon EOS-1Ds User Manual Guide

Canon EOS-1Ds User Manual Pdf

Canon EOS-1Ds User Manual Guide Pdf - EOS-1Ds is Canon's latest professional SLR. Based on the body of the EOS-1D EOS-1Ds improve the resolution of 11 megapixels, uses a CMOS sensor (like the EOS-D30 and D60) and is the first Canon digital SLR with a full frame sensor that captures 35 mm.

Last year Canon introduced the EOS-1D, it is the first professional digital SLR from the EOS-D2000 which is a collaboration with Kodak. The EOS-1D has a 4 megapixel sensor and can capture in a stunning 8 frames per second, clearly targeted at sports photographers. EOS-1Ds covers almost every other type of photography, from landscape to portrait, photojournalism for wedding. Ability to use a 35 mm lens at their designed focal length (field of view) combined with a high number of pixels would be a strong point for film photographers who hesitate to go the digital route for these two problems. The 1Ds was able to shoot a wider angle than other digital SLRs (at least until the actual release of the Kodak DCS-14N).

EOS-1Ds body is based on EOS-1V professional film SLR. From the point of view of the display size 1Ds body is almost identical to an EOS-1V with the additional Powerdrive booster attached. Basic camera contains a large battery and allows for the integration of vertical (portrait) Handrails and control systems. Build quality is great, the whole body is formed from magnesium alloy with environmental seals around each door compartment, terminals, connectors and buttons
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