Canon EOS-1D X User Manual Guide

Canon EOS-1D X User Manual Guide

Canon EOS-1D X User Manual Pdf

Canon EOS-1D X User Manual Guide Pdf - Canon EOS-1D X is the latest in the company's professional range of DSLRs. His job is to replace both the 1D series of sports-oriented and high-resolution, studio-focused 1DS range of cameras. As usual for upgrades in this class of camera, incremental changes and subtle but aim to raise the standard of what is possible.

Biggest specification change to the 1D X is the new sensor - an 18MP full-frame CMOS chip capable of shooting at 12 frames per second. This is a big change over the 1D Mk IV (representing a small move from APS-H format that Canon has previously been used in sports cameras), and a decrease in pixel count compared to the 1DS series. However, as Rick Berk, Technical Specialist Canon USA Pro Engineering and Solutions Division says, "there is more than just the quality of image resolution."

Steps from APS-H up to full-frame is enabled by a sensor with faster data readout explains Chuck Westfall, Technical Advisor Engineering and Solutions Canon USA Pro Division: 'The new sensor has 16-channel, dual line readout, compared to 8-channel, single line designs in the previous generation of chips. "This allows the company to offer a large sensor (and the low-light capability that brings) for 1DS users, with the fast capture speeds that current 1D Mk IV users need." It's clear the time has come for the 1DX to replace the 1D series, 'says Westfall.

Under the skin, the big change is the more sophisticated metering sensor. A move from the sensor 1D Mk IV for the new 100,000 pixel unit affords the camera a better understanding of the scene and this information is entered into the camera autofocus system to improve the quality of its AF tracking. This is not a new idea (Nikon's sports cameras have done something similar for several generations), but it is a reasonable way to improve what was already an impressive system.
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